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Chavurah Suppers

Regular chavurah suppers take place after the Erev Shabbat services at Bessborough Road on the last Friday of each month. All are welcome and encouraged to bring a vegetarian or fish dish to share with others in attendance. The variety of dishes and social company across the Mosaic community provides a delightful Shabbat meal with a community spirit. Additional chavurah suppers often take place after joint festival services between the three Synagogues, such as on Shavuot or Chanukah.

Details of the next chavurah supper can be found in the most recent edition of Kehila, the Mosaic monthly magazine, which is available here.

For more information about Erev Shabbat chavurah suppers contact Rosemary Wolfson or email

It is important that all persons responsible for bringing food into any part of the Synagogue building are familiar with the kashrut and general food guidelines approved by Council. Click here for a copy of the Kashrut policy.

November 26, 2014