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Freddie Knoller at Mosaic Hamakom

IMG_3461 (2)“Freddie Knoller told of his experiences during the Shoah. It gave me a completely new insight into this horrible and tragic event. You can read as many history books as you like, none compare to hearing the real story from the perspective of a survivor.  His positive outlook on life despite what he lived through has made me realise what “inspirational” really means.”
(Sam, age 14)

knoller1Over 100 people joined the older students of Mosaic HaMakom, the pluralistic religion School in North West London, to listen to Freddie Knoller tell his story of surviving  Auschwitz and the Holocaust..



Freddie left Vienna in his mid teens and made his way through Europe into France where he obtained false papers and joined the  Resistance, posing as a French National.  His jilted local girlfriend then uncovered his identity and he was sent to Auschwitz and subsequently Bergen Belsen.


Freddie, an articulate and capable speaker at the age of 94 enthralled the audience with his extraordinary story of survival and optimism.  When asked by one of the youngsters how he managed to survive in the face of such adversity,  he told them of their need to seize every opportunity which life throws at them and always be  optimistic and positive about everything  that they do.

The talk was held at Bessborough Road, Harrow on Sunday March 8 where the Religion School is held .

March 10, 2015