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Leket Israel – the Israel National Food Bank

Leket Israel, the Israel National Food Bank continues to stride forward. In 2016 the organisation rescued a weekly average of 13,000 meals and over 154 tons of perishable food.

Following, is the link to the Purim site where you can order Purim  cards both paper and email versions. These make a good alternative to piles of food in mishloach manot that no one really wants or needs. The food rescued will be delivered on Purim and so not only will donors have prevented food waste but also contributed to those who need our help most at the correct time. They are also an excellent way of sending greetings to friends and family both near and far.

Please find details of special events  being held in Israel on Pesach Chol Hamoed. If you intend to  be in Israel during Pesach, you might appreciate receiving the information. It could contribute to making this  Pesach an even more enriching experience and is something slightly different to do whilst on holiday.

This is what one Leket supporter had to say :  Having done this as a family ourselves I can genuinely say it is the most amazingly uplifting experience and something that everyone I’ve recommended it to has enjoyed tremendously. Trust me when I tell you it will be the highlight of your time in Israel !”

February 23, 2017