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Letter from Israel

Each year the Israeli press is able to come up with new details about the Six Day War that they release on the anniversary of the war.    This year being the 50th anniversary they had to come up with a big revelation and they didn’t disappoint.

This year we learned that, according to a source in ’67, if Israel had come close to losing the war they had a plan to detonate a nuclear device in a desolate part of the Sinai Peninsula in order to scare the Arab nations into retreating or ending the war.

Isn’t it interesting that even if everything had gone wrong and Israel was facing destruction, it was not considering nuking Egypt or Jordan or Syria — they were hoping to scare them into submission.   It’s a very different war plan than the Arab nations had at the time, which was to wipe Israel off the map.

Luckily for everyone, Israel was victorious in six days.   The lightning war.   The miracle war.  It stunned everyone.

Britain today is facing the threat of radical Islamic attacks.   While every incident causes us to catch our breath, to pause, or to cry, it poses no existential threat to the nation.  Britain is stronger militarily and psychologically than any “group” and life always goes on for everyone except for those closest to the attack.

Israel and Britain are on the same page being much stronger than our enemies.  Yet we always prefer prevention and pre-emptive strikes in the war on terror.   We hold little stock in revenge.  We have little desire to destroy the enemy beyond our need to defend our citizens.

The six day war embodies these values.   To this day, it stands out as testimony to the brilliance of the Israeli military.   And it reminds us that Jewish morality never changes.   We value peace.  We value life.   And we are commanded to defend ourselves.

Rabbi Paul Arberman

June 15, 2017