Meet the Author – Paul A. Mendelson

PICTURE, MIKE FLOYD. Paul Mendelson, who has had testicular cancer and prostate cancer

The first in our series of ‘Meet the Author’ interviews was a great success, with almost 90 connections to the interview using Zoom (representing around 150 people!). If you unfortunately missed the interview, don’t panic! You can view the recording of the interview here:Meeting Recording

Jonelle Roback added:

So today started week 4 of Lockdown, or what i now call the new normal! It’s been a bit strange getting used to having a full house again but I have to say it has not been as bad as i thought it might be. So far I have managed to fill the time very well but today i took time out from my new “Catering and Cleaning” jobs to zoom into Mosaic’s new Meet the Author session.

Sitting in my kitchen, I logged on via the link in the Whats On section of the Mosaic website and was pleasantly surprised to see 4 pages worth of faces that had already zoomed in waiting to hear Paul being interviewed by Steve Levinson, our community’s semi retired journalist.

Paul was interviewed for half an hour and talked about his early career as a lawyer, an advertising career which began at Ogilvy & Mather where he wrote adverts/slogans such as the now infamous ‘Think before you drink’ drink/drive campaign which then led him to writing scripts for comedy and drama shows such as ‘May to December, So Haunt me and My Hero’ and then onto writing many books such as ‘In the Matter of Isabel, Losing Arthur, A Meeting in Seville and The Funnies?’

Paul captured everyones attention which led to a flurry of questions being asked at the end about all aspects of his career.  I’m sure i can speak for everyone and say thank you to Paul and Steve for a very enjoyable hour.

I’m now very much looking forward to the next Meet the Author session in 2 weeks time…Alex Gerlis, 28 April 2:30pm

April 14, 2020