Members of Wembley Central Mosque offer support following Pittsburgh

Four warmhearted members of the Wembley Central Mosque joined us at our Sabbath morning service on 3rd November and Sohail Ahmed offered a strong message of reassurance when he spoke to those assembled: ‘All I want to say is that we are with you;  anytime and anywhere.’  Over the years, Rabbi Frank has offered his firm support to the members of the Mosque when threats against the safety of Muslims were made by right-wing terrorists and, in the aftermath of the horrific incident perpetrated at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, this reassurance was firmly reciprocated.  As Sohail stated,  ‘This is the spirit of Brent:  be kind to each other, look after each other, have empathy for each other.’   Indeed, this is the spirit of both our faiths and we are all urged to live up to these core values as made clear by the ethical prophecies that we share.

November 8, 2018