Mosaic New Home – feedback from meeting and requests for assistance

Over 200 members of Mosaic Jewish Community dragged themselves out of bed early on Sunday morning to hear some exciting news about our search for a new home.  The meeting was extremely positive and the Property Working Group, Councils and Trustees received valuable feedback and input to guide them in finalising contract details and the proposed way forward.

Over the coming weeks we will provide written feedback to the questions and comments raised.

At this time we are seeking volunteers to get involved in 5 project teams to help us make this opportunity a reality:

  • Contracts and Project Management – we are looking for additional people to join the team – with expertise and experience of construction, property law and related fields
  • Overall building design and specification – we are looking for people with design skills and also people who can help us explore how we can and will use our new building.
  • Relocation team – we are looking for people who can help us work out how to effectively run our community as we transition from our current home to our new home, ensuring that our members’ needs continue to be met during this period.
  • Communications, Marketing and Membership – this move gives us some amazing opportunities (and some challenges to ensure that members are kept informed).  We are looking for people to join the team so that we can expand our communications and marketing activities to take these opportunities
  • New concepts for Mosaic – our new home gives us the opportunity to look at new ideas, new activities and different ways to help us all “choose our Jewish life”.  We are looking for volunteers to join this team to explore and try out these new ideas to develop our Community (which may influence the fit out of the building)
  • Fund Raising – we would like to make our new home beautiful, provide some new facilities (e.g. a café) for our members, to fully support the above projects and to provide further activities and programmes for our young families, our “empty nesters” and our elderly and vulnerable members.  All of this costs money and we are looking for volunteers to join the team to look at new and creative ways of funding our community.

If you have any comments, questions or are interested in joining any of the above teams then please contact us

August 16, 2018