New Israel Fund’s Fellowship Programme

The New Israel Fund Fellowship is an incredible opportunity to strengthen your engagement with the movement for a just, equal and democratic Israel. NIF Fellows will join an intensive week-long trip to Israel and the West Bank this summer, meeting civil society activists and leaders to learn about the key issues facing contemporary Israeli society, and how civil society is mobilising to meet them. On returning to the UK, Fellows receive training and support as they amplify our message in the British Jewish community. Fellows will be part of an international cohort including participants from the US, Canada and Australia on a life-changing journey to develop knowledge, skills and relationships to create the change they want to see. During the Fellowship year Fellows will run events, write articles, run campaigns or speak publicly about those areas of our work which are closest to their hearts.

The Fellowship is open to applicants in their 20s or 30s who identify as part of the British Jewish community and are committed to promoting democracy, equality and justice in Israel. Applications for our 2019/20 Fellowship are now open and full details of the programme are available on our website. A detailed brochure is available here. Applications will close at midnight on 19th March.

As an alumna of the 2017/18 Fellowship, I am confident in promising you the experience of a lifetime. No other programme offers this unique opportunity to meet leading Israelis working for social justice and human rights. Benefitting from their perspectives and insights as you travel around Israel and the West Bank will transform your understanding of Israeli society and the politics of the region.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with me by email or on 020 7724 2266. I’d also be pleased to put you in touch with one of our 2018/19 Fellows, Zahava, Tash, Rachel and Gabi, who would be happy to talk to you about their experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you!  Best wishes,

Anna Roiser
Engagement & Outreach Coordinator, New Israel Fund UK
Unit 2, Bedford Mews, London N2 9DF
T: 44 207 724 2266

February 14, 2019