Our Move to Stanmore Hill. Update 3

The Covid pandemic has inevitably complicated the planning processes involved in our move to Stanmore, as we indicated in our last update regarding our move.

As a result we have been in discussions with the developers and have agreed some changes to the building timescale and length of time we can remain in Bessborough Road while the new site is being constructed.

Adjustments have been made to the programme that will now allow Mosaic to only vacate Bessborough Road once Stanmore Hill has been developed up to the point where the foundations are laid together with the ground floor slab. It is anticipated that this stage of the project will be reached by January/February 2021, and that the overall construction programme is then foreshortened to under a year from then.

The coronavirus pandemic has obviously also had significant impact on likely property values and this is leading to changes to the financials of the deal; the Property Working Group, supported by Mosaic Reform Council, remain confident the deal will be an excellent outcome for the community.  We will provide further details and updates over the coming months.  If you have any questions before then please email: newhome@choosemosaic.org.

What happens between now and January at Bessborough Road is obviously dependent on the situation with the virus and the science-based guidance we receive.  We will also provide updates in that regard over the coming months.



May 28, 2020