Our Move to Stanmore Hill, Update 4 (November 2020)

Our move from Bessborough Road to Stanmore Hill has now reached a significant milestone after a lengthy process during which we have had to contend with unexpected difficulties caused by Covid 19 and its impact on the development and planning process.

We have now reached the point where planning permissions have been granted and we can share more information with you. Please note there will also be a Zoom meeting for all members on Wednesday 18th November:  meet-our-new-home/

Ahead of that, however, we would like to update you on recent developments and remind of you of the exciting opportunity for Mosaic that lies ahead.

Under the agreement with the developers we now only need to vacate Bessborough Road once major structural work has been completed on the foundations of 65 Stanmore Hill. This means we can stay in Bessborough Road longer than originally anticipated and the interim period between buildings is a little shorter than had appeared likely.

The best estimate is that we shall be leaving Bessborough Road finally in March/April 2021 and moving into Stanmore Hill in March/April 2022. There is still a possibility that we may be able to gather again in Bessborough Road before we move out, but this will depend on Covid regulations.

There have inevitably been some changes to the original arrangement with the developers but the main elements remain – we sell Bessborough Road to them, and they build on 65 Stanmore Hill to provide a new ground floor home for Mosaic with flats above. Our new home will have a 999 year lease, and the developers will also pay a guaranteed cash sum to Mosaic Reform, and also a profit share if targets are met on the flat sales.

The main focus of our Zoom meeting will, however, be the arrangements for the next year and beyond. We will share some of our thinking on the interim period, and you will have an opportunity to join one of the teams dealing with this period. Other teams are being created to help ensure that the new building has the feel and look that members would expect. Again there are opportunities for members to join these teams.

You will also see again the design and layout plans for the new build. Here is a reminder of the key features:

  • 70 metres of partition walls to allow flexibility for use of the new spaces
  • Ability to hold 4 or 5 services with high performance sound proof partitions
  • Reconfigurable to provide up to three mid-week activity spaces for clubs, talks or lunches, plus a coffee lounge and library
  • Reconfigurable to provide up to 12 teaching spaces for HaMakom
  • A light, airy and spacious entrance lobby with appropriate artwork.
  • And of course other amenities including offices, disabled facilities, toilets, cloakroom and kitchen.

The ground floor has 20% more usable space than Bessborough Road. The options this gives are numerous, which is why the partitioning is so important. We could, for example, provide three large services of 120-150 each, or on High Holy days a main service plus larger family service space than is possible at Bessborough Road.

We hope this provides you with enough information to have a good idea of what is in the offing. You will have the opportunity to see drawings and ask questions on 18th November and, of course, we will provide further updates in the months ahead.


November 4, 2020