Our New Home on Stanmore Hill – Bulletin 1

We’re all of course very excited that Harrow has given the go ahead for our new home, and even though the developer and the Council are still finalising legal arrangements for both sites, this good news has naturally increased the volume of questions we are receiving from members. The first two questions raised are:

  • Parking and transport at Stanmore Hill
  • The interim year when we are between old and new buildings.


The parking arrangements at our new location will overall be significantly better than at Bessborough Road. While our new home has 11 on-site parking spaces (compared with 18 now), nearby streets can accommodate at least 50 cars at the times / days we need them. We are also in the process of making arrangements with other nearby organisations who are willing to provide a significant number of parking spaces. This would provide parking for a further 40-80 cars within 3 or 4 minutes’ walk of the synagogue building. We will let you know when these arrangements are finalised. We are confident they will prove more than adequate for the vast bulk of our activities, and that parking will be convenient for our members and visitors, and not cause problems for our neighbours on Stanmore Hill. On high Holy Days and possibly for a few other major functions, a further 120 car parking spaces are available to us at the Islamic Centre, with a shuttle mini-bus service from their car park.

It is also planned there will be a car sharing scheme for those needing picking up from their homes, and a pickup service from Stanmore Station and Uxbridge Road for those who use public transport. To request more information about transport and parking both at our new home and at Bessborough Rd, email: gettinghere@choosemosaic.org



Once the developer and the Council have finalised arrangements for both sites, things may move quickly and it’s possible we’ll be leaving Bessborough Road in early summer 2020. There will then be 12 – 14 months before we move into our new home. In this interim period all synagogue activities will continue to take place, predominantly in locations near our new home in Stanmore Hill. We are in discussions with a number of locations, and with the teams that organise our activities, and once these discussions are finalised, we will let you know – all the locations have parking and other transport options. The interim arrangements will specifically ensure that weekly Shabbat services, Hamakom Religion school, all the social and support activities such as Friendship and Lunch Clubs, JACS, film club etc, and the synagogue office will continue to function without interruption.

As the move to our new home gets closer, we will continue to provide you with updates, which will be available in Kehila, online, as well as in some cases by letter and phone. There will also be open meetings for you to raise your questions and any concerns in person. We want to be able to communicate with you in the way that you will find most useful and effective.

Please do contact us with any thoughts, questions or concerns, or if you have any time available and would like to get involved in any aspect of this exciting project, please email: newhome@choosemosaic.org or phone the Mosaic office (020 8864 0133).

February 12, 2020