Please come “shopping” at Bessborough Road!

One of the results of the absence of synagogue services in the building since March has meant that many items we had in stock for kiddushim have not been used.  Rather than letting them go to waste, might you be interested in relieving us of any of this stock in exchange for a donation to the community?  Please choose from the following:

4 packets of caramel bars, expiry 12/20; 4 large jars of pitted green olives,  expiry 6/22; 4 bottles of cornichons, expiry 12/21; 3 950g boxes of Walkers biscuits, expiry 1/21;1 box of Tesco small crackers, expiry 7/20; 8 boxes Ritz crackers, expiry 12/20; 5 boxes Cadbury Chocolate Fingers, expiry 9/20 ; 3 bottles of sparkling Cava; 10 cartons of long-life grape juice..

If you’re interested in any of the above, please contact the office to arrange collection.

October 8, 2020