Preparing for the interim – can you help?

We have started preparing for the interim period between Bessborough Rd and our new home on Stanmore Hill.  This week we have 2 questions:

  1.  Can you help us store items in the interim?  If you have a spare bedroom (or other room), could we use around 4 feet of that room? (so we are not asking for all of the room, just 4 feet of it!)  If 15 to 20 members of Mosaic can help us out with this then we will be able to avoid the costs of renting a storage unit.
    Please contact the office to find out more.
  2. We would like to upcycle items that will not be needed in our new building.  We have chairs (various), desks / tables (various), cupboards (various), bookshelves (various), walking frame, wheel chair, fans, heaters, lecterns, music stands, plastic stools, up-lighters, chandeliers, a display cupboard unit, leaflet display unit.  If you might be interested then more information is available here.  Please contact the office to find out more (and if you are able to, please offer a donation for any items). 
December 17, 2020