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foodbank-logo-Harrow-logoMosaic supports Harrow Foodbank, a multi-faith social action project providing emergency food and support to local people in crisis.  We have a collection box for food and other items in the foyer at Bessborough Road.  To find out how to help email Harrow Foodbank

Current wish list –  May  2016.   Tinned vegetables,    Tinned fruit,   Men’s toiletries, Tinned vegetable meals,    Tinned puddings,  Women’s toiletries, Tinned corned beef,    Packet puddings,   Shampoo,  Long life semi-skimmed milk,   Small Coffee,    Toothpaste,   Long life fruit juices,    Small packets sugar (500g), Nappies, Pasta Sauce,     Jam,    Washing powder/gel (small), Jars meat/fish paste,    Rice pudding / custard,   Dried potato.

(No baked beans, cereal, porridge or dried pasta at the moment – THANK YOU!)  


February 10, 2016