Suitcases, Holdalls & Shoulder Bags

We have done brilliantly on cases and the prison is over the moon with what we have supplied. They would now like us to promote over-the-shoulder bags  and holdalls as they are running short of them.  The enthusiasm from the prison end is sheer amazement that we have done so well in such a short time and the Mosaic community has made a big difference to the service they can provide. I spoke to a former prisoner yesterday who has been liberated and he used to work in the visitors’ centre when we started the project. He is now back there as a full time employee, making a difference to men on release.  He is now going to settle with his family in Wolverhampton, as he has employment with prospects.  He said, “honestly Edwin, I  thought you might get 20 -30 cases but never thought you would be good to your word and reach over 200 now and so quickly. I am not used to people doing what they say they will, so thanks from me to everyone in your wider community who have helped and thanks from my customers too. You have starred.”  There you have it.  I was so touched with the thanks and the words of encouragement. Lets see how many holdalls and carrier bags we can now get. It is funny that even in a charity, they have preferred “faster” items than others. I know this now for the next prison. That is like being in retail and paying attention to the detail. My former colleagues who are members of Mosaic will laugh and think, that I have learnt something from the past!  If anyone would like to visit the prison and see the good work done by the volunteer staff, please contact Edwin.

July 18, 2019