Suitcases & Holdalls – Update

SUITCASES and HOLDALLS and anything to carry goods wanted.

Thanks to everyone who has donated suitcases as part of our mission to collect 350 cases or holdalls, irrespective of size,  in the next 12 months. We have received a letter of thanks from Restart Enterprises which can be read here.

The suitcases and holdalls are going to help former prisoners on their day of release to leave the cloistered walls of  the prison and transition with dignity into the outside world  without feeling “looked at, or inferior” which many currently do, as they leave with a clear see-through bin sack or maybe two, or even three. They struggle. We so far have collected 60 cases and one member of our community has donated 10 cases of assorted sizes, which fitted together like a Russian Doll but we need more if we are to reach our target of 350. Every donation will be acknowledged by an email if we have the information.

Please advise Ann in the office,  regarding what to do with your carrying treasures, or contact Edwin.  Thanks on behalf of the former prisoners, who cannot thank everyone in person.  If anyone would like to visit the prison and see the good work done by the volunteer staff, please contact Edwin.

May 27, 2019