Suitcases & Holdalls Wanted

SUITCASES and HOLDALLS and anything to carry goods.
Mosaic Masorti’s Edwin Lucas writes: “At his time of year we read about the Exodus from Egypt  to the promised land.  It made me think of my day job, where I have come across an amazing scheme to offer real help to former prisoners on the day of their liberation.  Just like we read in the hagadah about fleeing, these people I am trying to help are looking for their freedom.
When a newly released person leaves prison, they leave with a large bin sack-style plastic bag, in clear, see-through plastic. The individual has to put all their worldly possessions, which sometimes have been collected over many years, into this see-through bag.  Some people are picked up  by families and friends and, apart from the people collecting the new citizen, nobody knows where  the person has come from.
There are, however, some people who are not lucky enough to have the confidentiality of family or friends, to meet them and they have to travel by, bus, coach, ferry, taxi, train or tram to their first destination. Everyone who sees them  will know that their plastic bag is not a usual way to move products on public transport. The individual will know that these people are probably looking at them and wondering why they have a clear bag and in some cases, one printed with the HM Prison Service logo in a large font.  It must be a frightful indignity and what a terrible welcome to freedom. Yes they did commit offences, but are now regarded by the Judiciary as free people, to re-engage with the community. They need suitcases or holdalls to help them.
I recently spoke to a small group  of people at Mosaic Reform about my work and have received 6 cases. Since then, I spoke about this in shul and  the following day was given 7 suitcases by one family, which are all usable. In that prison they liberate around 300 who have to use public transport, on their first journey.
I would like to see if our community can donate 300 usable bags, holdalls or cases. We ask you to contact Ann in the office and I will pick them up and take them to the respective location. They will be found a good home.  It does not matter the size, or condition, as long as the item can close partially.   Every donation will be acknowledged”.

April 17, 2019