To All University Students

Anna Wolfson has just become the new progressive student chaplain.  Progressive Jewish Students (PJS) is launching a PJS joining pack for all students who wish to be connected to progressive Jewish opportunities on campus and so many off-campus and after university opportunities too.

To join PJS all the students have to do is fill out the below jot form and in return, they will get free gifts and access to job opportunities, cv writing help, job fairs, synagogue connections, funding opportunities, guest speakers, support and so much more. Student worker, Adi Rothman Berman, and Anna hope that PJS membership will help students be supported and connected to the wider egalitarian student community around the country in these uncertain times. Adi and Anna will support students in the work they’re doing on campus, create new connections and opportunities and we hope to bring people in who may not have previously taken part in progressive Jewish community. Click this link to sign up

October 22, 2020