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Wine Tasting Evening

Wednesday, June 24




In my wisdom I decided it would be rather nice to attend the above evening along with 16 other Mosaic Reform/Liberal members. It was organised and presented by Reform member Robin Goldsmith.

Tables had been laid with plates of cheese, crackers, wine glasses [naturally], spittoons and all in co-operation with the excellent Jane Prentice, who poured the wine [quite generously in some cases].

The theme for the evening was BBQ’s and warm summer nights [very optimistic!]. The first wine selected was a very nice chilled Prosecco, followed by some very pleasant whites and rosés. Then came a selection of very good red wines [my personal favourites].

Robin gave very concise explanations of the grapes used and the various regions of production, many coming from Italy, Portugal, plus Australia and South America. We were all given very nice brochures to keep supplied by Lea & Sandeman. Any bottles not quite finished were offered for sale.

I didn’t use the ‘spittoons’ as much as I should have and went home feeling quite euphoric! All in all a very pleasant way to spend an evening and my personal thanks to both Robin and Jane for the hard work involved in organising this event. Roll on June 2016!

Viv Block

Mosaic Reform