Winter is Coming

Last week, being the age I am, I got my letter from the DWP confirming I’ll be getting my Winter Fuel Payment soon – I’m sure many of you got one too. My first thought was, whoopee, £100, that’s the extra special Hanukkah present sorted, then.  My second thought was, hang on, the shul could probably make better use of it than I can, or will know members of the community who need some extra help and support in the coming Covid winter.

If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to donate your Winter Fuel Payment to your shul, please, please consider doing so. Make an online payment to your shul’s bank account using the reference “Winter donation” or phone the Mosaic office with your debit or credit card handy. Or hit the “donate” button on the home page of the Mosaic website, and use the reference “Winter donation” plus “Liberal or Masorti or Reform” as appropriate.

And I expect in a week or two I’ll get my letter about the Christmas bonus. That’s another £10 to consider donating

Thanks and Hanukkah sameach

Jeff Highfield

Co-chair, Mosaic Jewish Community

November 26, 2020