Articles of Association

The Pesach edition of “Kehila” has been published today and, as you will see, it includes a supplement for the notice of the Mosaic Reform AGM on Tuesday 15th May.  Resolution 2 set out in the notice refers to the “copy of the revised Articles attached to this notice”.  Regrettably this was omitted from the supplement but if you click on the links below, you will be able to read the relevant documents.  As stated, a copy is available for inspection in the Mosaic Reform Office during office hours.  Additionally, these documents will be included in the second AGM supplement which will be published on 26th April.

If you would like to see the proposed Articles of Association, please click here: Proposed Articles for 2018 AGM

If you would like to see the existing Articles of Association, together with the proposed amendements highlighted, please click here: Existing Articles with amendments

March 22, 2018