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Birthright trip to Israel

Birthright tripRegister for UJIA Progressive Birthright now, a free trip to Israel for students and young adults

Reform Judaism and Liberal Judaism are planning a FREE 10-day trip to Israel for 19-26 year olds from 15 – 25 August 2016. This will be a wonderful opportunity to form life-long connections to a great group of people, Israel and Judaism, asking your questions, creating memories, and encountering those in Israeli society striving for equality and social justice. This is a trip for Reform, Liberal, and progressive-minded Jews.

Who is this for?

If you have never been on an organized trip to Israel for more than a few days then this trip is definitely for you. Do apply. And, also…

For the first time this year, Birthright trips are also open to a significant number of people who have already been to Israel on an organised trip of less than a few months. If you’ve done Israel tour, for example, then you can still apply to this trip!

We cannot guarantee that every second timer will be able to get a place on the trip, depending on demand, but do start registering- it will not take long and the earlier the better.

How do I apply?

To start the application process email us with your full name, community (if relevant), and a line about any organised trips to Israel you have been on.

When do you need to register by?

There is a short registration burst for Birthright, closing on 1 April. Doing a Progressive Birthright Trip also depends on demand. So do email us to register now!

For more information and to register, email

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March 17, 2016