Lost Property

One of our members placed 2 High Holyday machzorim on the Judaica Shop whilst collecting their coats but, on their return, found that one machzor had been taken.  Inside was a sheet with the memorial prayer in phonetics.  Did you take it by mistake?  If so, please could you urgently contact the office.
Last year (High Holydays 2018) someone left a clear bag containing a tallit, kippah and jar of honey.  Were you looking for it this year?  Please contact the office as we have been kindly looking after it for the past year and would love to return it to its owner.
We have also been storing for some time a pink lunch box containing a clear plastic box and a pink drinking bottle.  And finally, have you lost a small green-framed pair of glasses?  Please contact the office.

October 10, 2019