Pesach Message & News from the Movement for Reform Judaism

‘Sh’monim mi yodea – who knows eighty?  ‘Eighty’ is the years since six synagogues came together to create what would become the Movement for Reform Judaism.  Pesach is perhaps the ultimate festival of Reform Judaism, crystallising in a moment what we do all year round: remembering our history and valuing our tradition, while also embracing innovation and including everyone who wants a place at the table.

On Seder night, as Pesach begins, we’ll tell again the story of how we got here, a story with both sad and glorious chapters.  As the work of leaving slavery is not complete and some plagues tragically continue, we open our doors not just to Elijah but to all those fleeing the plagues of war and violence; we invite all who are hungry to come and eat in our homes and in our synagogues; we pour out love on those who will work with us to create a secure and peaceful future.

This Seder night will be different from all other nights, because for the first Pesach in three years, we have the freedom to gather again in our homes and in our synagogues; we will be close enough even to spill wine on someone else’s tablecloth!

Every one of us knows eighty: may all that we have shared and built through Reform Judaism over its first eight decades strengthen us, so that we can make a brighter future for all our Jewish lives over the next eighty years.’

There are a few things to update you on:

  • As mentioned, the MRJ web site has been revised and hopefully streamlined. Changes will be actioned over the next two weeks. We have also added a new logo in celebration of our milestone 80th Anniversary
  • We are planning to mark our 80th Anniversary with various suggestions for communities to be involved. Please watch this space for more on this.
  • We will be launching a series of online events for everyone across our communities involved in communications. These sessions will aim to offer advice, inspiration and guidance on best practice and creative ideas. Everyone is welcome, especially those volunteering in any aspect of ‘community comms.’

If you have any requests for discussion topics, please let us know!

  • Finally, we have added a new page to the MRJ web site as a resource for ways to offer support to Ukraine. The link can be found here.   This is regularly updated and can be shared widely, if you wish.
  • Our podcast ‘Rabbiting On’ has been very well received recently, including being featured in the ‘Great British Podcast’ top picks. If you would like to share the link for it, you can find it here.  Episodes are fortnightly, on Friday afternoon.The Assembly of Rabbis and Cantors consists of sixty three professional clergy each of whom brings a unique gift into the world through their work. This week, Rabbiting On comes to you from their annual conference where they share their personal passions with the Rabbiting On Audience. This special episode will be out this Friday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube and wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen, share, like and subscribe.”
March 31, 2022