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Reform Judaism welcomes launch of Full Community Sponsorship of refugees

The Home Office has just launched Full Community Sponsorship for refugees. With the launch of the brand new scheme (modelled on a similar, hugely successful, programme in Canada) community groups will be given the opportunity to personally welcome and support refugees arriving in the UK.

Last year, religious leaders, including Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism, called on the Government to revive the great British tradition of offering hope and sanctuary to refugees asking that they re-establish a private sponsorship of refugees programme to help Syrian refugees reach safety in the UK. We are delighted that this call has been heard following campaigning alongside our partners in Liberal Judaism, Masorti Judaism and Citizens UK.

Full Community Sponsorship gives community groups, including churches, synagogues and mosques, an opportunity to get involved in helping refugees through taking the lead responsibility for their resettlement and integration in a community.  The sponsoring groups raise money to help support refugees and are obliged to demonstrate to the Home Office that they are capable of providing the welcome and practical help needed.

Initially, this scheme will only include a small number of sponsorships, but many groups have shown an interest in the scheme, and are working on sponsorship plans. The National Refugee Welcome Board believes that, in time, Community Sponsorship has the potential to become a significant pathway to refugee resettlement in the UK.  (In Canada, more than 250,000 refugees have been resettled through sponsorship in the last 25 years).


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July 28, 2016