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Reunion – 70 Years of Reform Synagogue Youth

Our youth movement which was originally YASGB, then RSY and now RSY-Netzer is 70 years old this year. Our world has gone through many changes in the last 70 years, as have the needs of our youth. It is a huge testament to our youth leaders and volunteers over this time that not only is the movement still around, but is still going strong with around 1,000 Jewish children this year going on our 7 Israel tours, 5 Residential Shemesh camps and 2 Day Camps.

To celebrate this remarkable achievement we are having a celebration anniversary party at which the past “youth” will gather for a festival of nostalgia and reminiscence. Some of the founding members, now in their late 80’s will be there and all ages down to current teens will be represented. The Anniversary Celebration will take place on the 24th September 2017  from 2.30pm to 8.00pm, at the Sternberg Centre (80 East End Road, N3 2SY) in the Marquee behind the Manor House.  You can now book your tickets online, as well as sponsor songs for the Anniversary Celebration Song Book and pre-order specially designed YASGB/RSY/RSY-Netzer T-shirts.

The Anniversary Celebration will take place on Sunday, 24th September 2017 from 2.30pm-8.00pm.  There will be an exciting programme including Option Tables where you can have fun connecting with people you haven’t seen for years, as well as doing some of the traditional Reform Youth activities. We don’t want to give too much away yet but we would like you to bring 2 small passport size photographs – 1 old one at the time you were involved, and 1 current photo! We will also be hosting a great Reform Youth shira using our specially created Reform Youth 70th Anniversary Celebration Song Book, a fabulous Mincha and of course, a delicious buffet dinner.  So, if you and/or your partner were part of YASGB or RSY or RSY-Netzer, book your tickets today!

To buy your tickets, sponsor some songs and pre-order your t-shirt, go to:

August 10, 2017