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Mazal tov

Mazal tov on their birthdays to Natalie Cohen, Helen Ellison, Michael Morris, Frances Kafka.

November 4, 2021

Masorti Judaism LGBT+

Message to the community from Daniella Shaw , Masorti Judaism LGBT+ Inclusion Manager and Network Co-facilitator

As the next step in Masorti Judaism’s LGBT+ Inclusion project, we have just launched an important survey as part of our listening campaign on LGBT+ inclusion across Masorti communities and organisations.

This survey is for LGBT+ members of all Masorti communities and organisations:

Answers will be kept confidential and anonymous, unless anyone wishes to include their name and contact details. Please always feel free to get in touch with Daniella to discuss our LGBT+ Inclusion work.

October 28, 2021

Mosaic Masorti News

Covid Awareness
We are aware of the increasing numbers of covid cases in the UK and have been asked by shul attendee members, if more attendees would wear masks in shul. We support this request. We will continue to have open windows and doors to ensure there is fresh air flow. There will be hand sanitiser available as always.

The AGM is being held at 10.00 on Sunday 31st October. It will be on zoom,  as per the email  sent to all members earlier in the week.

Meeting ID: 834 5892 2757
Passcode: 597852

Please inform if there is anything you would like to raise

Laying of wreath at Pinner cenotaph
Gill Ross will lay the wreath on behalf of HEMS / MM at 10.45 on Sunday 14th November. Please support Gill to support the memory of those who lost  their lives to help those that survived.


Forthcoming visit by Rabbi Natasha
Rabbi Natasha will be visiting MM / HEMS on Friday 26th and Shabbat 27th November.


 Forthcoming visit by Student Rabbi Anthony Lazarus Magrill
Anthony will be visiting HEMS for Shabbat Chanucah and will be in shul on Shabbas 4th December.  There will be Chanukiah lighting  post Shabbat at a member’s home. Please see email for details.

There will be ‘zoomed’ lighting every night of Chanukah.

End of 2020 event on 12th December 2021
Please advise if you are planning to attend the final social event of 2020 which Covid has delayed to 2021.

October 28, 2021

Mazal tov

Mazal tov to Henry Rockwell on his 100th birthday.  Mazal tov also on their birthdays to Daniel Marx, Emmanuel Aharoni.

October 28, 2021

Masorti Kollel

Masorti Kollel with Rabbi Chaim Weiner begins again on November 4th. 
The Masorti Kollel offers high level study for learners who want to grapple with Jewish text in their original language. Our goal is not to teach about Judaism, but for learners to become independent readers of the tradition. This year we will be studying the fascinating Hezkat HaBatim, the third chapter of Baba Batra. We meet on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am – 12.30pm. Click here for more information and to register.

October 21, 2021

Mazal tov

Mazal tov on their birthdays to Mia Brummell, Marvyn Ellison, Beverley Ezekiel, Dave Scott, Jonathan Fenster.  Mazal tov also to Barbara & Henry Altman on their 55th wedding anniversary.

October 21, 2021

End of an era marks the start of a new era

The postponed social event celebrating our 2020  birthday will now take place at the Girl Guide Headquarters  on Sunday night 12th December. This specially catered dinner will be a place to  celebrate the past and look forward to our future in Stanmore Hill. The 2020 team are hoping for  a brilliant turnout. Please come along and support us in what will be a joyful event.  Please contact Gillian Lucas to secure tickets.


October 21, 2021

Kol Nidrei Appeal

A letter has been sent out to all the community highlighting how to make a donation towards the two causes being supported. Both ae so worthwhile for the future of our congregation in happier times, as well as under more stressful times.

October 21, 2021


It is very rare that we do not achieve a minyan on  Shabbat. Last Shabbat this happened and it meant that those saying kaddish could not do so. Please advise us, if you are wishing to recite kaddish in shul, so we can make sure that there are enough worshippers in attendance.

October 21, 2021

Mosaic Masorti (HEMS) AGM

The AGM will take place on Sunday week the 31st October. It will start at 10.00 am You will be updated on the latest news in relation to the new building and also our Rabbinical search process for when Rabbi Natasha finishes her 3 years with  us in July 2022.

October 21, 2021