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The Last Jews in Ethiopia – Rabbi Sybil Sheridan

Sunday, October 24

On Sunday, Rabbi Sybil Sheridan gave a presentation about the Ethiopian Jews and the work of Meketa. We found out more about this community, their lives and their dreams of one day settling in Israel.

If you missed the presentation you can view the recording here.

Surviving COVID has been only one challenge the Beta Israel in Gondar, Ethiopia face. Now there is war in Tigray, the neighbouring province and as a result a strong military presence in the area. Prices for food and essentials have shot up but life continues for this ancient Jewish community.

Meketa is a charity that supports this community through education and training. Meketa enable families to move out of the poverty trap and create for themselves a brighter future.

Click here to visit the Meketa website

If you wish to donate, here are the bank details:

Co-Operative Bank
Sort Code: 089299
Account: 65748996


JACS – The History of English Afternoon Tea

Tuesday, October 19

Gillian Walnes-Perry talked about how tea was introduced into England and how it became an institution, tea menus, customs and etiquette surrounding afternoon tea, the rise of public tea rooms and, of course, tea dances.

If you missed this event you can view the recording here.

Japan to Lithuania During World War II

Sunday, October 17

A Diplomat’s Account – the harrowing roundtrip journey from Japan to Lithuania during World War II presented by Gillian Tigner-Orchudesch, Dip DA – LRAM.  The presentation includes:

  • The true story of disobedience and of amazing courage.
  • The reality of some of Japan’s hidden wartime secrets.
  • Obedience to authority the essence of Japanese culture.
  • What happens when this code is broken?

If you missed the presentation, you can view the recording here.

Meet the Author – Adam Andrusier

Tuesday, October 12

Adam Andrusier spent his childhood in pursuit of autographs. After writing to every famous person he could think of, from Frank Sinatra to Colonel Gaddafi, he soon jostled with the paparazzi at stage doors and came face-to-face with the most famous people on the planet.

If you missed the presentation, you can view the recording here

The Amazon link to buy Adam’s book is:

Our Journey to Stanmore Hill

Sunday, October 10

(More than) half way there.

On Sunday there were updates, progress reports and photos, all looking ahead to exciting times on our journey.

If you missed the meeting you can view the recording here.

JACS – The Jewish Heritage of Slovakia

Tuesday, October 5

On Tuesday. Dr Maroš Borský, Director of the Slovak Jewish Heritage Centre in Bratislava spoke about the Jewish Heritage of Slovakia.

If you missed this event you can view the recording here.

We went on an inspiring journey to Slovakia, a country in Central Europe, that until World War II had 137,000 Jewish inhabitants. The local Jewish community today counts only about 3,000 persons, but its heritage remains. There are hundreds of Jewish cemeteries and up to a hundred former synagogues and prayer halls. Many of these sites were recently restored for cultural purposes, others are neglected. Some synagogue buildings are architecturally prominent sites of European importance. There are two Jewish museums in Bratislava, the Chatam Sofer Memorial, and many other important Jewish monuments.

Our speaker has been engaged in Jewish heritage preservation for twenty years and provided an expert insight into the field.

A native of Bratislava, Dr. Maroš Borský studied art history and Jewish studies in Bratislava, Regensburg, London, Jerusalem, and Heidelberg. Borský is the director of the Jewish Community Museum and Jewish Cultural Institute in Bratislava.

Meet Bernice Krantz

Tuesday, September 14

On Tuesday Alex Gerlis interviewed Bernice Krantz.

Bernice was the UK co-ordinator of the Spielberg USC Shoah Foundation.  Almost 900 survivors in the UK were interviewed and their testimonies are part of the 55,000 in the Institute’s archive.

Bernice is passionate about teaching students about the Holocaust alongside promoting tolerance and understanding.

She has been a qualified Homeopath since 1995.

If you missed the interview you can view the recording here.

The History of English Silver with Adrian Cohen

Sunday, August 29

On Sunday, Adrian Cohen discussed how he became involved with Silver and we heard his interesting stories from the trade.

Adrian showed some unusual pieces and also gave tips on polishing and valuations .

If you missed the event you can view the recording here.

JACS – Under The Influence

Tuesday, August 24

On Tuesday, the musician Andy Smith entertained us by playing and singing a selection of different musical pieces which have shaped his repertoire….and explained why!

There were lots of well known songs from artists such as the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Cole Porter, plus some of his own.

If you missed the event you can view the recording here.

The Long Way Home with Rose Gartenberg

Tuesday, August 17

The long way home, 1939 – 1948

Rose Gartenberg’s amazing story of a small girl fleeing thousands of miles to escape pursuing armies. Her first-hand account of a unique journey from Romania to Palestine, from a continent at war to the creation of Israel.

If you missed the event on Tuesday, you can view the recording here.