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Mosaic Jewish Community – Yom Kippur services

Members of Mosaic and friends are invited to “choose their Jewish life” and join any of our Yom Kippur services. Click on any of the links below to join us via Zoom.

Mosaic Liberal

Kol Nidre service – 8:00 pm Sunday
Yom Kippur Morning service – 11:00 am Monday
Yom Kippur Additional service – 1:00 pm Monday
Yom Kippur Afternoon services – 4:30 pm Monday
Yom Kippur Yizkor and Ne-ilah services – 5:30 pm Monday

Mosaic Masorti

Erev Yom Kippur service – 4.30-5.30 pm Sunday

Mosaic Reform

Kol Nidre service – 7.00 pm Sunday
Yom Kippur Family service – 9:30 am Monday
Yom Kippur Shacharit – 10:30 am Monday
Yom Kippur Torah Service – 12:15 pm Monday
Yom Kippur Musaf – 2:10 pm Monday
Yom Kippur Minchah – 4:15 pm Monday
Yom Kippur Yizkor and Neilah – 5:45 pm Monday

September 22, 2020