Chat with a cuppa

Thursday, May 7

Why not join us on Thursday afternoons to catch up with friends and chat about whatever’s on your mind.

Please bring your own cuppa and cookies (optional)

2.30pm for an hour or so

or you can dial in from your phone at 0203 481 5237
Meeting ID: 941 3856 0666


Edwin Lucas writes:

I was privileged to join the 2.30pm  chat last Thursday. 27 people attended and we had a GREAT TIME .

I met someone I used to see at work,  no less than 46 years ago.  Yes, you are right, I am older than 50 and do not look it.  I also met up with someone who came from the same town as I used to work at, in 1976 which is 44 years ago and I was able to tell someone about how their daughter in law and grandchild saved someone’s life locally in Eastcote.  The two saviours were so shy to pass on their success BUT,  I was there and saw it for myself. We also chatted about the NHS.

It was a tremendous hour and the breakout rooms worked so well. Everyone had a chance to chat and be seen and heard.  Come and join us from Mosaic Liberal,  Mosaic Masorti and  Mosaic Reform.   See you there and see what Caroline Chadwick bakes for Chairman Lawrence.