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Film Mosaic – “Arranged”

Tuesday, June 20

8.00 pm.    Shown at the London Jewish Film Festival, this is a thoroughly enjoyable film that looks at the parallel lives of two young women who meet and become friends whilst teaching at a college in Brooklyn, New York. One of the women is an Orthodox Jewess and the other a traditional Muslim. As their friendship develops, over the course of a year, they begin to realise they have more in common with each other than with their other more worldly colleagues. Furthermore, they are both dealing with their families’ expectations and preparations for them to accept arranged marriages.  The filmmakers focus on these two delightful young women as they go through the process of meeting prospective grooms. The various suitors are at times highly unsuitable and it is hilarious to behold these two young women negotiate the pressure that is put upon them to make a ‘good’ marriage whilst they wish to maintain their own rights and individuality.