Film Mosaic – Liberty Heights

Tuesday, September 27

Liberty HeightsStarting at 8.00 pm, Film Mosaic is open to anyone.  Why not bring a friend?

As usual there will be time for an informal discussion or a chat with friends, with tea, coffee and biscuits after the screening.

Donations for our chosen charity would be appreciated if you care to give.

Academy Award-winning director Barry Levinson yet again returns to Baltimore for inspiration with the semi-autobiographical Liberty Heights. Set in 1954, it tells the story of two young Jewish boys and their experiences of growing up in an America trying to come to terms with a changing society. The film focuses both on the sweet and innocent (the relationship between younger brother Ben and sole black student Sylvia) and the darker, more vicious side of a nation in flux. The evils of racism form a backdrop to all the intertwining plot lines–not only white against black but also widespread anti-Semitism. The young, largely unknown cast are all excellent–especially Adrien Brody and Ben Foster as the brothers and Rebecka Johnston as the quietly knowing Sylvia. Taking its cue from the great teen movies of the past, the film buzzes with the vitality of youth and of a generation on the verge of a new dawn (music plays a huge part), placing the political problems of the age in the context of adolescence to great effect.

This is not Levinson’s most high-profile work but certainly one of his best.