Light a Yellow Candle in Memory of a Victim of the Holocaust

Wednesday, May 1

Once again Mosaic is supporting the yellow candle project which remembers Holocaust victims, whose names would otherwise be lost. All Mosaic members who would like a candle will be able to access one. If you would like to support this project, please visit the Mosaic office to collect a yellow candle. (One of the Mosaic Masorti congregants is giving one to each guest at their Seder totalling 34 candles. Who can beat that?) The yellow recalls the yellow stars which Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis. Each yellow Yahrzeit candle provided will be accompanied by the name of a person from the Yad Vashem archives. We are asking you to light your candle on Yom HaShoah evening of Wednesday 1st May in memory of the lost generation and, if possible, post a picture on social media.  #yellowcandle. Last year the UK Jewish community lit 13,000 candles and this year we will be distributing 25,000 candles with the assistance of Maccabi. Photographs:  If anyone is taking photographs of the yellow candles prior to Yom Tov we would love a copy so we can send up to the folk who are organising the yellow candle project.  Those of you who are lighting he candles on Yom Hashoah, we would love photos too.   THERE ARE STILL SOME CANDLES IN THE OFFICE IF ANYONE WANTS ANY.  The office reopens on Tuesday and  the following week as normal.