Sunday, June 14

Feeling overwhelmed by the Covid-19 situation?

Why not join us for a meditation session.

Sharon Grossman, a registered Yoga instructor and member of Mosaic Masorti Synagogue, will introduce us to the benefits of meditation and go through a short affirmation and visualisation inviting peace and love. The session will be lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Our Zoom session will open at 8pm for a chat, but once the session begins at 8.30pm, the session will be locked so as not to disturb anyone – so please don’t be late.

It is best not to meditate on a full stomach so why not eat an early, light dinner and wear comfortable clothing.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 874 2434 2784      Password: 216163

Or dial in from your location:  0203 481 5237    Meeting ID: 874 2434 2784

For more information about Sharon, please visit her Instagram feed