Meet the Author – Maurice Collins, OBE

Tuesday, March 2

Maurice recently treated us to his presentation in January showing us just a small part of his personal collection of weird and wonderful objects.

On March 2nd he will be interviewed at 2.30pm by Steve Levinson focusing on his latest book Minding our own Business – so why don’t you mind yours’. This includes his own life story and career and covers 25 others who started their own amazing businesses who equally have had their own journey.

Originally Maurice worked in the printing industry, was a manufacturer of boxed games, imported and distributed fancy goods, was involved in the Exhibition business and property development and investment.  In this book he imparts advice to budding entrepreneurs with knowledge he has acquired over the years. Knowing Maurice, this will be informative as it follows the stories of many entrepreneurs relating their stories of their road to success.

Other books of his are ‘Kith and Kids’, ‘Eccentric Contraptions’, ‘Ingenious Gadgets’,  ‘Bizarre and Outlandish Gadgets and Doohickeys’ ‘Marketing History 1851-1951’ and this latest one as co-editor  of ‘ Minding our own Business – so why don’t you mind yours’ 

Proceeds from the sale of the Book are in aid of Kith and Kids, a charity very close to his heart.

Click here to join event via Zoom   Meeting ID: 844 7515 7648

If you don’t have a computer / tablet / smartphone you can still call in (standard charges apply) 0203 481 5240
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If you are able to then please click here to make a donation to Kith and Kids