Meet the City Editor & Author – Alex Brummer

Sunday, May 2

Alex Brummer, Daily Mail City and Finance Headshot. 2016/09/21 Picture by Georgie Gillard . REXMAILPIX.

Join us at 4.00 pm when Steve Levinson interviews Alex Brummer.

Alex was born in Brighton, obtaining a first degree in Economics and Politics at the University of Southampton. He has always worked as a journalist, initially at the Guardian in the UK and in Washington, USA, in important financial positions overall for a period of 26 years. He then moved to The Mail, becoming City Editor in 2000, a position he holds today.

He was Vice-President at the Board of Deputies 2012-2015, and is currently Chairman of the Abraham Fund Initiatives.

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He has provided many articles for The JC and as of late specifically the Jewish News. He received a Doctorate at Bradford University in 2014 for his services to Journalism and has received many prizes for his work. Alex has written 8 books, his latest, The great British Reboot.

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