Meet the “Queen of Con” – Joyti Driver

Tuesday, July 20

Join us at 2.30pm when Steve Levinson will interview Joyti Driver.

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Joyti has had an interesting life with ups and downs. She came from a very conventional North London background and decided to go into the world of office management, where she became a personal assistant for a senior member of the company. She rose to the top and did well. It then went awry and her safe castle at home and in employment fell like a deck of cards.  She was married with a son and her life crashed by spending a number of years in prison.

Joyti did not mope, sulk, or hide away. She is made of stronger stuff and whilst she had made a serious error of judgement, was determined to show herself, her doctor mother, and her very young son, that she had grit and determination and would build herself up again, to becoming a pillar of society, working alongside Lords, Ladies and senior movers and shakers in UK companies.

Joyti has done that and is now studying law as a full-time undergraduate at the age of 50. On the way to her new life, she has worked relentlessly with charities and has shown that fundraising is not a casual pastime but is something that needs to be taken seriously by all. On one evening at the Waldorf, she raised £125,000 for a charity.

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