Meet the teetotal miniamphilist – Edwin Lucas

Sunday, August 1

Join us at 5.30 for Edwin’s presentation

Edwin was introduced to alcohol by a friend of his mother’s who is an emigree from Glasgow ( which is the home of the famous Scottish drink and we are not talking about Irn Bru) to Bushey. His parents were invited to a New Year’s eve party in 1960. All the adults were given a New Year’s gift and Edwin was given this little memento on their return home.  He has treasured it for 60 years and it has pride of place in his home.

Edwin will show you the world through ampullae and you will see that progress has been made.  Ampullae are not just from pottery in this century and new formats have been discovered. Come and feast yourself on fun lechayims from all parts of the non-Roman Empire where Julius Caesar did not conquer.

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