Meet theAuthor and Editor – Lionel Ross

Tuesday, June 9

Join Steve Levinson who will interview Lionel Ross at 2.30 pm.

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After a career in the textile industry, Lionel became a publisher of town centre maps and guides, before embarking on his first novel, ‘Fine Feathers’, in 2005. Following a chance request to publish a book for an unknown author, Lionel went on to establish “i2i” through which his own novels (now totalling eight) are also published. The novels are all available on ‘Kindle e-books on Amazon’ and range from contemporary thrillers to historical fiction, including two of the Bergman Trilogy.

Lionel was born in Leeds but has spent most of his life in Manchester, where he lives with his wife, Luise. He has two sons, six grandchildren and is a great-grandfather to three.