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Mosaic Film Group – Keeping the Faith

Tuesday, February 17

Tuesday 17th February

Keeping the Faith (subtitles available)

Jake (Ben Stiller) and Brian (Edward Norton) are friends.  They are Jewish and Catholic respectively. They grow up and become a rabbi and priest. Anna (Jenna Elfman), a girl they knew when they were younger, comes back to town a stunning woman. Jake is up to be the head Rabbi of his synagogue but he is not married which doesn’t make his appointment any easier.  He finds himself attracted to Anna but because she’s not Jewish, he can’t marry her as it would make his appointment even less likely. Brian also finds himself attracted to Anna, but the priesthood creates an insurmountable obstacle. Their friendship is strained when each learns of the other’s feelings for her.  Released in 2000, KEEPING THE FAITH is a gentle, warm, and funny movie, guaranteed to leave you with a wide smile as you make your way home