The Learning Circle

Tuesday, March 16

The Learning Circle:  Demystifying the Shabbat Services.

“I would like to understand the Shabbat morning service more fully. How does the order of the service work, and how is the week’s portion chosen? What determines the number of aliyot in a service? What is a maftir? And what are the most important differences in the services of the Liberal, Reform, Masorti and Orthodox?

Have you sometimes found yourself asking similar questions, but felt too self-conscious to ask? Or felt baffled by our service, and put off by terminology everyone else seems to understand?

If the answer to these questions is yes, or if you often wondered why we do the thing we do in the way we do, you may enjoy The Learning Circle.

The Learning Circle is a monthly adult Jewish learning group open to everyone, in which the subjects to be studied are suggested by the participants themselves. If you have any questions regarding Shabbat Services, send them to and we will address them during the session.

The Learning Circle will meet Tuesday March 16th   at 8pm

This month we will study the Shabbat Service  

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Meeting ID: 851 0831 7462

If you don’t have a computer / tablet / smartphone you can still call in (standard charges apply) 0203 481 5240
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