Tu B Shevat Communal Seder

Thursday, January 28

There will be a communal tea and mini Tu B Shevat Seder with Rabbi Natasha starting at 4pm THIS Thursday 28th January

Please come and join Rabbi Natasha and bring along 3 types of produce from trees:-

  • 1 tree fruit with a stone or pit – This could range in size from an  olive to mango.
  • 1 tree fruit with an INEDIBLE EXTERIOR – This could be a nut or a citrus
  • 1 fruit such as an apple or pear

Please log on at 4pm using the link below


Meeting ID: 884 5460 7319

If you don’t have a computer / tablet / smartphone you can still call in (standard charges apply) 0203 481 5240
Meeting ID as above