JACS – Cataract Surgery in the Developing World

Tuesday, July 27

Jeremy Joseph retired as a Consultant Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) in the U.K. recently, having worked for the NHS and privately for many years. In 1993 he started undertaking eye expeditions to perform cataract surgery in developing countries. The places he has visited include Brazil, Myanmar, Byelorus, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Haiti, Ecuador, and Bangladesh. This activity has been temporarily halted by the Covid pandemic but he hopes to resume the expeditions soon.

Starting at 2:30 pm

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Meeting ID:  852 5309 7557

The meeting will be opened from 2:15 pm to allow you time to connect and chat.

Bring your own tea and cake!

If you do not have a computer, you can dial in by phone (standard call charges apply)

0203 481 5240
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For further information please contact Gay Saunders on 020 8864 0133 or communitycare@mosaicreform .org.uk