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Do You Have Any Old IT/Computer Equipment?

Sunday, October 29

You are invited to a Mosaic Coffee Morning supporting IT Schools Africa from 09.30 for coffee and Danish.

This will be followed at 10.30 by a short presentation on ITSA (IT Schools Africa).

Please bring along your donations of laptops & desktops (no more than 6 years’ old), flat screen monitors, printers, smart phones & tablets, mice & keyboards, any power leads and cables.  (Note: all hard disks are immediately wiped using CESG approved software).

If you have suitable IT/Computer equipment to donate but can’t attend on 29th October, please contact the Mosaic office beforehand so that it can be included in our collection.  There’s a bottle of champagne to be given to the person who donates the most IT/Computer equipment!   About IT Schools Africa: ITSA is a UK charity, which recycles computer equipment (desktops and keyboards, screens, laptops, smart phones, printers and power cables) for use in schools in Africa, principally in Malawi and Zambia. They also train teaching staff in IT skills, through charities set up locally.

ITSA in Cheltenham, receive around 700 donated computers a month for refurbishing. The hard disks are immediately wiped using CESG approved software, and then the computers are distributed to three prison programmes to be cleaned and tested (allowing inmates to learn new computer skills). Although the prison work is to a high standard, every machine is then checked on return to ITSA. Roughly 500 out of every 700 donated computers end up being sent to the schools’ programme, and the remainder used for parts and recycling. Donated items that don’t meet the spec for schools in Africa are sold on EBay to generate incremental charity income.

Container shipments to Africa go in groups of around 500 computers, keyboards, screens and a proportion of printers, network routers etc. ITSA is expecting to reach its 55,000 computer milestone later this year, which would equate to over 3 million children receiving some kind of IT education.