Erev Shavuot at Mosaic

Saturday, June 11

KeepCalmErev Shavuot services take place at 8pm at the Hatch End Masorti Synagogue premises utilising not only the Girl Guides Headquarters but also the two adjacent Scout Halls – allowing for 3 individual services.  All are located at the rear of the Grimsdyke Road car park (free after 6:30 pm), Grimsdyke Road, Hatch End, HA5 4HP.

The topic for the Erev Shavuot is “Lashon Hara” which can be translated as the “Evil Tongue”, gossiping, or just plain speaking about others.  Rabbi Paul, Rabbi Kathleen and Rabbi Frank will discuss different aspects of the issue because it relates to growing Jewish communities.  But actually, the topic is always timely, because it’s easy to fall into the habit of gossiping — to the point where it becomes a recreational activity.  Judaism takes the opposite view to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”   Our tradition teaches that Lashon Hara can hurt the person speaking, the person spoken about, and the person spoken to…even if the “gossip” is true!   Come learn with us at the Erev (Tikun Leyl) Shavuot!

Order of Events:

  • 8.00 pm Lashon-Hara: Open Thy Closed Minds and Closing Thy Open Mouths:

Three Approaches to Negative Talk:
1) Maimondes: The Problem of Talking About Others
2) Lashon-Hara Doesn’t Speak to Me: Obligations of the Listener
3) The Problem of Empathy

  • 9.00 pm All join for a communal food/drink break (including cheesecake)
    in the Girl Guides H.Q.
  • 9.30 pm Plenary Discussion Concerning Lashon-Hara
  • 10.00 pm Individual services for Liberal, Masorti and Reform synagogues
    Liberal and Reform in Boy Scouts large and small halls
    Masorti in the Girl Guide H.Q.

All Mosaic Community Members and Guests are Welcome