Yom Kippur Services at Mosaic

Wednesday, October 9

High Holyday Services for Yom Kippur will be held at Bessborough Road (Reform), Harrow District Masonic Centre (Liberal) and Kol Chai (Masorti). Detailed times of services are as follows:

Reform – all services at Bessborough Road
Kol Nidre (Tuesday 8th October) – 7:00 pm
Yom Kippur (Wednesday 9th October) – 11:00 am

Liberal – all services at Harrow District Masonic Centre
Kol Nidre (Tuesday 8th October) – 8.00 pm
Yom Kippur (Wednesday 9th October) – 10.30 am

Masorti – all services at Kol Chai;
Kol Nidre (Tuesday 8th October) – 6.05 pm
Yom Kipppur (Wednesday 9th October) – 9.45 am