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Liberal Yom Kippur Services

Thursday, September 16

The Kol Nidre Service commences at 8.00 pm on Wednesday 15th September.

Join Kol Nidre service

Meeting Id: 826 9064 0239

Service Materials:
Machzor Ruach Chadashah – Erev Yom Kippur


On Yom Kippur (Thursday 16th September) the service will commence at 11.00 am.

11:00 am             Morning Service
1:00 pm               Additional Service
5:30 pm               Afternoon Service (with Yizkor and Ne’ilah)

Join Yom Kippur Morning, Additional or Afternoon Services

Meeting ID: 812 8393 6789
Between the Additional and Afternoon service you are invited to join the study sessions provided by Liberal Judaism (from 3pm onward). Note that you may need to register in advance for some of these sessions. For details (and to register) please click here.


Service Materials:
Machzor Ruach Chadashah – Morning
Machzor Ruach Chadashah – Additional
Machzor Ruach Chadashah – Afternoon, Yizkor and Ne’ilah

If you do not have a computer / tablet / smart phone you can join via telephone (standard charges apply)

0203 481 5240 – meeting ID as above

If you have a computer but cannot connect via Zoom, you can still watch the live stream of the services here: Live Streaming