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Photography, film, and the Holocaust

Tuesday, October 17

Join us at 8pm when Prof. Michael Berkowitz (UCL) will speak on

Photography, film, and the Holocaust: new perspectives from Second World War Britain and America

The presentation is based on research conducted in Jerusalem, Washington and Hollywood.  With examples from photographs and film, Berkowitz will discuss how the engagement of (American and British) Jews from the realms of professional photography and movie making radically changed the deployment of photography and movies during wartime.  While the priority was to serve the greater war aims, Jewish interests were occasionally interwoven in surprising ways.   Professional and personal connections between British and American Jews, particularly under the leadership of Leo Rosten, proved to be tremendously fruitful in developing information and entertainment for the public, and providing a constructive basis for public discourse.

(Rabbi Dr Van der Zyl lecture under auspices of Leo Baeck College will be chaired by Rabbi Dr Charles Middleburgh, Dean and Director of Jewish Studies, LBC)