Monday, September 10

Throw away all your old years’ sins and start the New Year off with a clean slate. Come along to this lovely occasion and see your bread flow down the River Pinn. With all the rain we had on Sunday and Wednesday, it should flow fast, which is what should happen to old sins.  It will be a fun, thought-provoking, short service. Please join us for Tashlich at 5.00 pm.  Meet at the alley at the bottom of Woodhall Avenue junction with Lawn Vale, Hatch End.  The following directions are as if you were leaving the Guide HQ. :Exit the car park in front of the Guide HQ. Turn right onto Grimsdyke Road toward Uxbridge Road/A410.  Turn right onto Uxbridge Road/A410.  At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Uxbridge Road/A404.  Turn left onto Paines Lane. Turn immediately right onto Woodhall Avenue.  The alley is 20 yards PAST Lawn Vale on the right.