Yellow Candle

Saturday, April 7

We will be holding a special reflective part of the service on Shabbat 7th April, when all the names of the people who perished in the Holocaust for whom HEMS had candles will be read out during the service. Please come along to support those whose memory has lived on, despite their not being here. If you would like to read out 10 names, please advise Edwin by email  or phone  Edwin on 07973 312 851 and he will send you the names to read in advance.  Edwin’s suggestion is that we read the name of the person and the age they were when they perished. He also has an amazing story to relate of a recipient from another shul who found the name of a close relative of his in the bag. Chilling and real that out of 13,000 candles issued, he should find one for his relative.